DF Whiterock Session 66: Bushes and Wyverns




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Player Characters:

Elias (Wiggles), Wood Elf Cleric, 354 points
Garreth (Zuljita), Half-Orc Fighter, 424 points
Ibizaber (Demented Avenger), Human Thief, 421 points
Polly (Kalzazz), Wood Elf Archer, 412 points
Seépravir (Archon Shiva), High Elf Wizard, 428 points

Significant NPCs:

Soras, Centaur Leader
Grisby, Faerie Dragon
Jae, Human Girl
6 Carnivorous Bushes
Giant Scorpion
6 Grigs
Emainee, Nymph

Garreth, Zaber, and Polly returned to Dawn-on-Stream with Jae in tow, after rescuing her from the evil unicorn-murdering redcap.  As a reward for killing the skeletal chimera, Soras gave them a magic backpack.  There were also some coins inside for rescuing the two girls.

The group immediately started playing with their new backpack, to figure out exactly how much weight and volume it could hold.  Grisby reminded them that they should be out killing goblin raiders instead.  Polly asked about the undead spectral unicorn, and Grisby said that's what happens when a unicorn is murdered and its spirit does not leave the world.  Grisby said he'd alert the guards to the presence of the hostile unicorn spirit, and have a cleric ready.  Soras mentioned there was a flying she-devil out there somewhere, and to be careful.

The group flew back to the house on top of the hill to the south of the tent village, where Zaber had previous run away from a giant scorpion.  As they approached, Polly and Zaber noticed two suspicious-looking rows of bushes, flanking the entry path to the front door.  Polly shot an arrow into a bush, with no obvious effect.  Zaber descended to ground level to pick up a pebble, and a root came out of the ground to try grabbing him!  He dodged it, though.

At that point a brief combat ensued, with Polly and Zaber and Elias trying to fight the bushes while Garreth and Seépravir suggested flying up out of range and setting them on fire with magic.  Elias got grappled by a root.  Zaber stabbed it, and then Polly destroyed it, and Elias was free, and eventually (after smashing a few roots with his flail) flew up out of grabbing range.  Once all her allies were out of burning range, Seépravir started using Create Fire and Shape Fire from above.  Soon, all the bushes were on fire.

After the fire burned out, Seépravir tried Seek Magic, and found some magic underneath one of the bushes.  Some digging with Shape Earth revealed a skeleton, holding a wand and a charred scroll case, and wearing a charred pouch containing some coins.  Under the skeleton was a scythe, in nearby was a gem.  So apparently the bushes had pulled at least one victim underground.  Polly flew back to get a shovel, and dug around some more, but that was all the treasure in the area.

Polly and Zaber then went back inside the house.  The giant scorpion was still there, and tried to ambush them again, but failed.  Zaber stabbed it in the eye, but the scorpion had armor there.  Polly then shot it in the eye, and rolled a critical hit, which was enough to go right through the armor and into the scorpion's brain and kill it.  It then disappeared into thin air, rather than leaving a corpse.

There was a chest in the room, which Zaber had previously been trying to loot when the scorpion appeared and tried to kill him.  With the scorpion gone, Zaber resumed looting the chest, and found some coins, some bottles, another wand, and a book.  Seépravir checked out the book, which turned out to be a spellbook written in Common.

The group searched the rest of the house, but just found an empty kitchen and a chimney full of ashes.  They also checked the two outbuildings.  One was a greenhouse with smashed windows and no interesting plants inside.  The other was a tanning shack with a few old hides.

With the house explored, Polly suggested flying back to the gate, where they killed the 4 goblins, so they could collect goblin heads for reward money.  The group flew back there without problems, but the goblins had been disturbed by wildlife, and they could only find 3 out of 4 heads.  They stuck those in the magic backpack, and headed back for the redcap's cave, to try to search it more thoroughly for unicorn horns.  They didn't find the horns inside the cave, and could not find any secret doors, even with See Secrets.  They gave up on that, and went back to the unicorn corpse.

The unicorn corpse was still where they saw it before, lying in the middle of the path.  As the group approached, Zaber saw some small blue fae coming down the trail.  One of the fae said something in Sylvan, then approached Polly, and asked (in Elvish) if she was the goblin-killing archer.  They indicated that they wanted an escort back to Dawn-on-Spring, because there were evil goblins around.  Garreth asked what kind of creatures they were, and they said they were grigs.  One of the grigs also said that someone big and strong really should give that unicorn a proper burial.  Garreth took the shovel and did just that, and Elias performed a funeral ritual, and then the party walked back to Dawn-on-Stream with the grigs.  Nothing attacked them on the way.

When they got back to Dawn, Grisby asked if they had the unicorn horns.  When they did not, he asked if they had magic that could find them.  They did not, so he suggested asking Jae if she knew where the horns were.  The dog Arrel went to fetch Jae.  Jae said that she thought the redcap put the unicorn horns outside the cave somewhere, but she was tied up so she didn't see exactly where.  The PCs went back to the cave again, and did some searching from above, then came down to ground level.  Zaber spotted some tracks, leading from the cave to a tree to the southeast.  Zaber found a hole in the tree, and reached inside and found a unicorn horn.  More digging in there found the other eleven horns, and then the group went back to Grisby once again.  He said that a ritual could be performed with the unicorn horns, but only at dawn during a new moon, not today.  However, Soras rewarded the PCs for the goblin skulls and unicorn horns.

Retracing their steps once again, the party next flew to the tower where they'd killed the giant spiders.  Seépravir cast Seek Magic, which found a scroll case, buried under some rubble.  (Zaber had searched there before, but had rolled a critical failure.)  Along with the scroll case were some coins and gems and a silver dagger.

Seépravir cast Seek Magic again, and the nearest unknown magic was northeast a few miles.  The group flew through the woods, looking for loot.  They spotted a stream below them.  Polly landed to wash some ashes off her hands, and noticed a beautiful redheaded woman bathing in the stream to the northeast.  The other woman glared at Polly.  Polly said Hello.  Polly needed to make a HT check, but made it.  Zaber snuck up, and also needed a HT check, which he passed.  He then came up to introduce himself.  The woman said "Go away, I'm taking a bath!" in Elvish.  Garreth next wandered over, and also made his HT check.  The woman screamed for everyone to turn around and let her get dressed.  After they did that, there was some discussion, about goblins.  Her name was Emainee, she was a nymph.  Zaber tried hitting on her, but was totally shot down, as she said she was in a permanent exclusive bond with a yew tree.  She was apparently annoyed with Soras about something, and refused to go back to Dawn-on-Stream until he apologized, but the party couldn't help with that.  Eventually she tired of talking to them, told them that she needed to go somewhere and not to be in her woods when she returned, and disappeared.  Another Seek Magic found that whatever magic had been in the area was gone now.

The group decided to follow the nearest trail south, looking for a demon.  There was a pool off to the side of the trail, and Zaber noticed a lot of animal tracks around it.  Including some with Huge Claws.  As he was looking at the tracks, Elias decided to throw a rock into the pond.  And then a large flying reptilian creature emerged from the pond and flew at the group.  Seépravir identified it as a wyvern.  And we stopped there, as we were out of time.

GM's Comments:

This week featured a lot of re-visiting places that had been visited before.  And finding treasure that had been missed before.  And collecting reward money.

The nymph was semi-hostile but combat was averted, which was probably smart.  The grigs were friendly and the group helped them, which was neighborly.  The bushes and scorpion were not friendly, but were easily defeated.  The wyvern...we'll see next time.

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